Tuesday, 11 October 2011

A Day In The Life .. - Preliminary Task

Our group made this clip as part of our preliminary task to demonstrate our editing skills and show our understanding of techniques and tricks such as the 180 degree rule and continuity , the clip shows a pan , the opening of a door from many different angles and also a shot reverse shot ..... As always please comment and leave feedback ... All is welcome .

Friday, 7 October 2011

Preliminary Task .

In today's lesson we were told that we were going to film our preliminary task. We got into our groups and came up with ideas, ours included a student who was late for his lesson so we had a pan shot of him arriving to his lesson which then cut to the classroom in which the teacher is teaching, he gets told off and later sits next to his classmate who had been texting urging him to hurry to lesson (this will all be shown in the clip to come) they have a short conversation about why he was late. The camera angles we used for the dialogue was an over the shoulder shot as well as a reverse shot. Hopefully the video will be up by the end of Fridays lesson as we will be editing during the lesson. Photo's to be published soon , Stay posted .... Please comment and leave feedback ....

Monday, 3 October 2011

Saving Private Ryan

                 One of my all time favourites a recommended must see !

Early Doors .... Justs Thoughts ...

As always please leave feedbacks and comments !

Peer Feedback .....

After presenting our ideas to other classmates, we received some feedback mostly positive. Our idea of having a montage of a child's life was said to be unique and the effect it would have on the audience help develop emotion etc. There are some issues we may potentially face which involve the child character in our clip and how'd they respond to constant directions, filming the same scene from different angles etc. So we have to consider these factors before we proceed.

Intial Ideas ... Brainstorming

Just a few off the first ideas coming out of the hast from our group as always please leave feedback and comment

Training Day ... Opening Sequence


Locations , Locations , Locations ....

Considering the nature of our opening scene our group thought that these locations would be worth some thought , photo's extracted from internet , Location scouting to take place soon !